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Does Single Use Flowmax® 242i measure as good as the industrial types?

Yes it does! Sensors, electronics and software are standardized over all Flowmax® types we produce. The body hardware of Flowmax® 242M disposable measuring tube is equal to Flowmax® 42i. Proof of the above is in the calibration certificates which are stored in MIB’s archives. TIP: We’re happy to connect you to our customers and let them share their thoughts with you.

Is a disposable measuring tube calibrated?

We only ship calibrated measuring tubes.
Your choice is in the number of calibration points, by default we offer 3-point and 8-point calibration.
Calibration is performed with water and documented in our archives.
A paper calibration certificate is delivered with the instrument.
Most importantly, the calibration data is stored inside the measuring tube. The data is read-only, safe and will withstand gamma-irradiation.

Can Flowmax® recognize different liquids?

Yes we can!
Because the speed of sound through a medium is unique for each medium, Flowmax® can bring extra intelligence.
An optional output will provide a frequency which equals the actual speed of sound in [m/sec].
This gives you feedback of the type of liquid inside your measuring tube.
Use the extra verification for logging, validation or whatever purpose that is of value for your customer.

How fast is Flowmax®?

Flowmax® collects the true flowrate using the speed of sound.
Effectively, the electronics register an impressive 250 measurements per second.

The instrumentsettings allow you to apply a damping factor so that your process receives a signal which is just as smooth as you prefer.
The combination of fast data-collection and controlled signal-conditioning make Flowmax® a strong candidate in pulsating and fluctuating flow-profiles.

What kind of outputs do I get?

Flowmax® is well equipped when it comes to available outputsignals.
Flowrate is communicated in digital pulses and an analogue 4-20 mA signal.
Both signals are configurable to suit your process-controls.

In addition to flowrate, Flowmax® offers a digital alarmsignal, adressable to detect empty-pipe, reverse-flow or a defined flow-limit.

Optionally, the following features are available:

  • digital input
  • Temperature output
  • Speedmax® output signal for liquid identification
  • extra alarmoutput
  • Analogue 0-10V signal range
  • RS 485 serial communication port
Is Flowmax® suitable for aggressive media?

Good question!
Genuinly, the high end engineering plastics that are used have a high chemical resistance.
However, the matter is too complex to answer without knowledge of your exact liquid(s).
We’d appreciate to prove your application in our database of existing applications.

It would be great if you could submit your details in the below form.
Thanks in advance!

What is the lifetime of the disposable Flowmax® 242i ?

The life-time of all Flowmax® instruments is equal and exceeds twelve years of permanent use.
Whether disposable or not, the technology, components and performance are the same.


My application is a viscous liquid, is that a problem?

You’re not the first! Flowmax® handles viscous applications well, even though it was calibrated with water.
The software will recognize a different liquid and perform internal adjustments without compromizing performance or accuracy. Maybe you want to see it first? Contact us for a demo, because seeing is believing!

My application is a highly agressive medium, what are the options?

You have options!

Flowmax® instruments are made of high quality engineering plastics.
When we know the medium, concentration and temperature-range, an extensive compatibility-matrix will reveal the options.
Available plastics are:
With these materials we cover nearly the whole range of PH1 to 14.
– We help you understand the difference between available options.
– Specials are possible on demand.

Supply chain & related

Sprechen Sie auch Deutsch?
Ja! Stellen Sie Ihre Fragen einfach auf Deutsch. Entweder Flowmeister oder MIB GmbH beantworten gerne auf Deutsch.
What is the factory-preset password of Flowmax®?

As described in the Appendix of the manual, the factory default password is 41414.

Can I have customized process-connections?

Since MIB GmbH owns the design, we’re able to accomodate customized process-connections on various models.
Please note that this applies to the machined bodies. The die-casted variants are less flexible in design-modifications.

Depending on the required quantities, we can always let you know the possibilities!

Are material certificates available?

As an ISO-certified company, working with certified suppliers, we have the documentation flow under control.
The disposable Flowmax® 242M measuring tubes are documented, starting at the approval of the granulate.
From source to finish we’ve got it covered!

Do you supply complete disposable sets and bag-assemblies?

Yes, that’s very well possible.
Flowmeister operates with an A-brand partner who has global coverage.
Let us know your inquiry, we’ll be happy to connect you for direct contact and advise.

We supply the disposable Flowmax® 242iM measuring tube in cleaned condition, double bag packed.
Calibration data is safely stored inside the measuring tube and will withstand Gamma-Irradiation.

Can I get Flowmax® data in the Cloud?

Yes, that’s very well possible.
Although not common for Single Use applications, MIB GmbH has developed an off-the-shelf Cloud-connection to connect one or more Flowmax® electronics to the Cloud.

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