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    an ultrasonic flowmeter uses the speed of sound to measure flow.
    But how?
    And what does that offer me?
    Can it tell me more than just flow?

Indeed, an ultrasonic flowmeter works without moving parts or electrodes, and uses the speed of sound through a medium
Flowmax® instruments are suitable to measure nearly each liquid.
As long as soundwaves can travel through, the liquid properties, conductivity or presence of particles play no role.

When there’s flow, sound will travel faster from A to B and slows down from B to A.
The time-difference relates to the liquid speed.
Flowmax® measures this time-difference 250 times per second.
The raw measurement is then filtered according to your preferences  and exported in a digital or analogue output.

flowmax transit time

Flowmax® as a multi-parameter sensor

Remember the days when a series of instruments was used to monitor your liquid-flow.
A PT100-sensor would indicate the liquid temperature.
Followed by a conductivity-measurement to follow general properties of the liquid.
Air- and gas bubbles are usually unwanted, therefore a detector would be installed in the line as well.
Maybe viscosity or concentration are of interest?

Well, there’s good news! All these functionalities are integrated in ONE sensor.
We hope you don’t mind that we designed it as a non-invasive system, just the body, nothing else is in contact with the medium. 

Flowmax® measures flowrate as well!

  • Calibrated, always!


    Flowmax® carries calibration data
    in EACH measuring tube

  • Smoothened signal

    Physical flow may be pulsating
    Flowmax® customized output 

    Multiple dampening settings

    In control of calmness

  • Integrated sensorics:

    Skip your PT100
    Skip your Conductivity-sensor
    Skip your bubble-detection

    Monitor viscosity

    ALL are non-invasive

  • Optional sensorics:



    Integrated in Q-dose flowcontrol!

It started with beer

All Flowmax® technology is developed by MIB GmbH and is subject to continuous improvement.
More than twenty years ago, Flowmax® made its entry in the highly dynamic environment of beer tapping system.
The challenges encountered there have lead to a robust sensor-design.

Typically, Flowmax® instruments have a plastic body which is the only wetted part of the instrument.
By separating the electronics from the sensor-tube, MIB GmbH created the basis of Flowmax® 242i Single Use flowmeter.

Until today, each instrument -including the Single Use type- uses the same proven technology.

Quality by design: in keywords

Open bore, no moving parts, no electrodes or metals. 
No internal gaps, seals or dead spaces, smooth surfaces.
Certified base materials, high chemical resistance.
Can be Gamma-irradiated.
Calibration data stored inside each measuring tube.
Customizable process connection integrated in the body.

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