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One instrument reveals multiple properties

Less sensors, more insights

Remember the days when a series of instruments was used to monitor your liquid-flow.
A PT100-sensor would indicate the liquid temperature.
Followed by a conductivity-measurement to follow general properties of the liquid.
Air- and gasbubbles are unwanted, therefore a detector could be installed in the line as well.
Maybe viscosity or concentration are of interest?

Well, there’s good news! All these functionalities are integrated in ONE sensor.
We hope you don’t mind that we designed it as a non-invasive system, no sensor is in contact with the medium. 

Flowmax® measures flowrate as well!
We.Deliver.Trust >>> Each instrument has the calibration data stored in the measuring tube.

  • Calibrated, always!


    Flowmax® carries calibration data
    in EACH measuring tube

  • Smoothened signal

    Physical flow may be pulsating
    Flowmax® customized output 

    Multiple dampening settings

    In control of calmness

  • Integrated sensorics:

    Skip your PT100
    Skip your Conductivity-sensor
    Skip your bubble-detection

    Monitor viscosity

    ALL are non-invasive

  • Optional sensorics:



    Integrated in Q-dose flowcontrol!

Technology: Ultrasonic compared to Coriolis

Flowmax® ultrasonic flowmeasurement competes with Coriolis

In liquids, the two high-end technologies for accurate flowmeasurement are Coriolis and Ultrasonic.

If a direct mass-measurement is required, there’s no doubt Coriolis is the better option.
The direct mass-reading must be worth the price-difference.

In all other cases, think twice and let yourself be informed!
Ultrasound offers:

  • fast measurement
  • multi-parameter liquid insights (-> ask us!)
  • free, open bore
  • no moving parts
  • low pressure-drop
  • robust, not sensitive to vibrations
  • chemically resistant wetted parts
  • gamma irradiation possible
  • affordable

Big brothers for high flowrates

Think big where needed.

We are excited by all the products of MIB GmbH.
Main focus on Single Use of course.
In bio-pharma we see mainly low-flow-applications which we can handle with Flowmax® 242i.

To complete the portfolio of solutions, we sometimes need to think big.
Flowmax®54i DN50 is the open-bore flowmeter that handles up to 54.000 l/hour. (900 l/minute)

The integrated O-ring allows a safe and easy GF-process-connection.
Pressure drop is minimal due to the open-bore design.
In use for high-flow liquids.
From demineralized water up to slurries, e.g. glass-pearl filled blasting liquids.

Thanks to he high turndown ratio of ultrasonic technology, the range of Flowmax® 54i DN50 goes as low as 45 l/minute.

  • Flowmax® 54i

    Big Brother

    comes in three sizes: DN25, DN32 and DN50

  • Customizable

    Each Flowmax® can be ordered blind or with integrated display

  • Flowmax® design features:

    Open bore
    Free of gaps
    Zero dead space
    Smooth surface

Buy from the manufacturer

Obtain advise from Flowmeister, and get your parts directly from the manufacturer.

Flowmax® flowmeters are developed, produced, tested, calibrated, packed and shipped by one company: MIB GmbH.
Experience the advantage of dealing directly with the manufacturer.

With Flowmeister as your consultancy partner you will benefit from fast response and proper advise.
Your direct line to the manufacturer guarantees an efficient and transparent delivery and invoicing process.

First line support by Flowmeister can easily be taken over by MIB’s service & support department for more complex questions.

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