“More functionality, higher value”

Flow Control systems, fully Single Use compatible

Flowmeister is pleased to work with two expert-partners when it comes to flowcontrol.

Both principles are compatible with Single Use processes.
Both principles use the Flowmax® flowrate signal as one of the inputs.
Both principles are easy to use.
Both principles are unique.

Let’s have a look!

Flowcontrol with Flowmax® and a pump controller

Ease of compatibility in labs and R&D setups

Flowcontrol with a feedback loop to the pump, in a lean design desktop controller.
With touchscreen and intuïtive User Interface.

Inputs for two flowmeters and two pumps makes the Flow-Connect a great tool for mixing applications!

The controller is perfect for laboratory and R&D setups. Changing a pump or other component in the setup was never easier.
Available in DIN-rail mount.

We guarantee a usability over the whole Flowmax® family….and beyond if required!

Flowcontroller Flow-connect

Flow-Connect and Flowmax® 44i

Flowcontrol with Flowmax® and a control valve

Benefit from system-stability under varying circumstances

For sensitive processes with highest demands in flowcontrol, we offer a great combination.
The setup of Flowmax®, followed by a PID-controlled Equilibar valve might be slightly more complex, but its results stand out!

Wetted parts of the Equilibar valve are disposable, making it safe to use.
The disposable aseptic valve-cartridge can be part of your own customized, pre-assembled, gamma-irradiated bag-assembly.
Ask for MOQ and conditions.

Flowcontrol with Equilibar

Flowmax® 42i followed by EquiliBAR valve and controller

Single Use Branchemanagement of
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