Single-Use environment
requires high purity

  • Flowmax® 242i

    the Single Use flowmeter with high purity design

Flowmax® is not just another single use flowmeter.
Our audience is demanding highest performance, maximum reliability and accuracy.
Of course, the delivery is conform the High Purity standards of todays pharmaceutical industry.

Our design has unique features which make the difference:
– all measuring tubes are calibrated
– each tube has its unique calibration data safely stored inside.
– the in-line solution is not sensitive to different hose material, for example glass-fiber inforced tubing
– customizable output signal & rangeability allows easy exchange with existing instruments

Pulsations in, smooth signal out

What makes Flowmax® really stand out, is its fast measuring cycle.
With 250 actual measurements per second, you may trust the measured value, even when pump-flow is pulsating.
Single Use pumps typically tend to lead to pulsating flow, the rest of your process is better off with a smooth flow-signal.
Pulsations in, smooth signal out: Flowmax® takes care.
Flowmax® will work perfectly with QuattroFlow pumps.

Come and see, it’s in Germany

MIB GmbH and Flowmeister are proud to be sharing our next milestone with you.
We were at:  ACHEMA and CPHI in Frankfurt

What did we offer: our newly designed, fully lean, Multiparameter, Single Use FlowControl Solution

Where to meet us:
You’re welcome to experience the birthplace of #Flowmax® at MIB GmbH
You’ll find us in Breisach am Rhein.

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