In low flow, we keep moving the limits

Heading for [dps], drops per second

In the portfolio of MIB GmbH, Flowmax® types 42i and 242i offer the lowest flowrate.

The measuring tube design is modular.
Each version has the same outer form and dimensions, the difference is inside.
The smallest model is Flowmax® 42i LF and has an inner diameter of 3 millimeter.
This small bore makes the LF-version capable of measuring flows as low as 10 ml/min.(and below, under the right conditions).

It is still a flow, however it appears like just drops per second.
Hence our newly introduced standard:
from [ml/min] to [dps]

These low starting-points, delivered in aseptic and calibrated condition, makes Flowmax® an interesting player in the low-flow applications!

Picture is taken at MIB’s low-flow calibration rig.

Flowmax® 242i stands for Trust, Convenience and Reliability:

  • Plug & Play: no operator training or complex procedures
  • Reproducible: Calibration data stored inside each measuring-tube
  • Suitable for higher pressure systems such as TFF
  • Wide range, starting low
  • In- and outlet inline
  • Flowcontrol compatible
  • LDPE USP class VI base-material
  • High speed sampling for
    • dynamic -pulsating- flows
    • short-cycle fast dosing
  • Low pressure drop
  • Affordable design

Flowmax 242i aseptic flowmeters have been in use in bio-pharmaceutical industries since 2015.
We are proud of the succesful validations and positive feedback.

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