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ACHEMA trend: Single Use instrumentation

Name a technology that is excisitig for years and is now ramping up…..
If you just answered “Single Use process-technology”, you are right!

Achema’s Hall 11 will be filled with interesting solutions, amongst which you will encounter Single USe equipment.

Pharma visitors know: ACHEMA includes Single Use Solutions

Both MIB GmbH as manufacturer and Flowmeister as branchemanagement for worldwide Single Use applications are pleased to bring knowledge and solutions to ACHEMA.

Is this relevant for you?
Curious to touch the new design?
Meet us in Frankfurt 22-26th of August 2022

Read the highlights of ACHEMA 2022

ACHEMA flowmeter innovation

Good news may take a while, we know that.
It is with care that MIB GmbH has chosen the ACHEMA exhibition to launch the new generation flowmeter.
We’re excited to let you see, feel and experience the upgraded design of our Flowmax® 242i Single Use measuring tube.

Patented performance

Now all patent-issues of our revolutionary design have been sorted, it is time to go out and meet the world.
We believe the future-proof design is an ideal match between:

  • our known standards of quality,
  • a strongly reduced footprint
  • increased availability
  • reduced lead-times

In addition to that, we offer integrated Triclamp process-connections and a better look-and-feel for your end-customer.

Come to ACHEMA and meet the ultrasonic flowmeter experts!

Read the highlights of ACHEMA 2022

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