I don’t want to know measurements ….

Just ensure me that my process is within allowed bandwidth!

This might sound strange for a company which supplies flowmeters, but we believe flowmeasurement is only of secondary interest.
Primary interest here is the TRUST which we promised.
There is no doubt that flow-control is taking care of a good process. And yes, to do that there is flowmeasurement involved. Somewhere.

Exception to the rule

Dosing applications are an exception.
Reliable dosing requires accurate flowmeasurement.
Usually the pump-flow is pulsating whilst a proper volumetric accuracy is required in the end.
Well, Flowmax® happens to work great in dosing applications.
The ultrasonic signal combines a high-speed with accurate measuring capability.
In dosing, Flowmax® takes care of your primary interests: a perfect volume with no compromise in cycle-time!

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